More Hugs

Santiago for Stay

Eric and I know for almost 10 years working together for a British company in Madrid.
He is a colleague but also a very good friend.
We are hugging for the UK to stay in the EU

One day

Claudia is an Italian living in Minnesota visiting the Lyon Observatory. Peter is a Brit postdoc there. Claudia will go back some day to Europe and she doesn’t want to see Europe without England.
Claudia & Peter

You brought peace!

We are a British – German couple. Robin lives in Britain, Iris lives in Germany. We are in love, having a close and loving relationship even living apart. We see each other every 6 weeks when Robin comes over to me to Southern Germany. We are so close even living 2500 km apart most times of the year. But we love each other very much. I love Robin’s humour, his Britishness, his wonderful Sussex accent and all he brings
with him. We both want Britain to stay in the EU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please stay with us !Don’t leave us! We Germans love you Britons!You brought peace to our flattened country in 1949.

Robin and Iris.

Big Ben is watching you

Tourists hug in front of Big Ben every day, but at the Hug-in this week on Parliament Square Tessa Szyszkowitz, a founding member of #hugabrit, hugged Ford Ennals, who is a committed pro-European Brit: “No question I will vote for in.” Big Ben was watching us.

Party for Europe

We all have to do our part. I could not resist and give Sasha Omzen and her friend a hug for #hugabrit @pleasedontgouk.

Mark de Simone, Italian

The For-sure-hug

#hugabrit activists have come to recgonize that not all Brits are reserved. Christine met Simon at the brunch of @pleasedontgouk in London Fields.

Bend it like a Kipferl

Without EU there would be no Kipferl nor this happy family.

#pleasedontgouk #hugabrit #kipferlcafe

Christian M., Austrian, with his British wife Katie and their son Max

Love brings nations together

I went with Mark to a wedding of a South African woman and a Surrey man. I think that proves that love brings nations together.

Paula, Irish

Londonistas for #hugabrit

At the #hugabrit brunch in Londonfields Verena, who is German and the designer in the #hugabrit team, met this couple – Cuban-British and Chinese – and they enthusiastically support Britain staying in the EU.

Lucky for generations to come

Jamie and I met four years ago in London and it’s been a great and adventurous time in this amazing city. To be frank, If it weren’t for the EU, we would have probably never met, so we are very lucky and hope this will be an option for generations to come!

Anna Reiter, Austrian with Jamie McGregor Smith

Hug The Ribman

I am a dancer and this is Mark, The Ribman. Do I need to say more?

Carolina, Spanish