Best Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Bathrooms can be a relaxing paradise after a hard day, so keeping them looking nice and clean is always a topic that attracts people.  No matter how big or small your restroom is, we have all the great tips to make your bathroom become your favorite place. Read on!

Add A Laundry Basket

Putting a laundry basket in the bathroom will help you store dirty laundry such as clothes and towels. All you need to do is throw dirty laundry in a basket, and at the end of the day, you will definitely know what to put in the washing machine.

Today’s laundry baskets also have  pleasantly beautiful designs, so using them will add a perfect highlight to your bathroom. Not only use to store dirty clothes, but laundry baskets are also for clean towels.

A perfect place for a laundry basket is on the ground and beside the basin. If you feel the laundry basket cramp  your bathroom , hide it under the basin.

But remember, if you use laundry hampers to store dirty things, give them a place exposed to the air because keeping baskets in a closed cupboard will make your clothes stink.

Label Your Cosmetics

You may not care about cosmetic labeling, but it’s essential if you share the bathroom with others.

When you arrange cosmetics according to their functions, the goal is to create functional spaces that are easy to find and use, so that it will take you only a few seconds to find what you need.

 You should also label them, as this  motivates you to put the cosmetics back in place after using them to keep your bathroom tidy.

Form Habits

The reason that you feel uncomfortable after using the bathroom for a long time is the mold on the bathroom wall. This may be due to excessive humidity after taking a shower.

To solve this problem, hang a special towel to clean the wall, and make a rule in the house to ensure the last person using the bathroom must dry the condensed water onto the wall.

This job only takes 5 minutes a day, but it really works, so the mold won’t show up on your walls anymore, and you won’t have to worry about wall repairs.

If your bathroom has a ventilated window, open it when you take  a shower ; the steam will mostly fly out, and you will spend less effort in drying the wall.

In addition, waterproofing is an extremely smart solution for your bathroom walls and doors. Water or soap will not absorb into your walls. You also don’t have to clean the wall so often.

Another habit to keep your bathroom adequate clean and odorless is to clean the toilet twice a week. Removing bacteria and germs is a great way to prevent the spread of diseases and also remove the smell of your toilet.

What if you own a bathtub? So you have to scrub it regularly because it also gets dirty easily. The part of the tub that is most prone to rust and damage is the spout, so you’re likely to see ways to remove and replace a bathtub spout.

Use Liquid Soap

Everyone uses soap many times a day and we know bar soap is really popular in many houses.

But you can’t put a bar soap everywhere, they need to be on a stand built just for them. And this can create a mess when the soap bubbles remain on the stand, making them look unsightly and you might not want to touch the soap anymore.

So, instead of using soap bars, you wash your hands with liquid soap. Because liquid soap is placed in a vial with a pump, you can control the amount of soap you use.

Create Storage Spaces

We all know there are a lot of things that need to be placed in the bathroom, so if you don’t arrange them properly, your bathroom will become a mess. That is why you should create more storage spaces in your restroom.

Even if  you don’t have a big bathroom, don’t  worry. You still can achieve great style and functionality in bathtub and shower combination design.  

Otherwise, over-the-toilet storage is one of the best solutions. It just makes the top of the toilet less empty, and give you a perfect storage space. 

Another idea is to create a cupboard just below the sink. You can store many things in the drawer to minimize the clutter on the basin. At the bottom of the cabinet, you can store detergents and cleaning tools.

Add Plants

Some of you may think that planting trees in the bathroom is not necessary. However, it really works. And we will tell you why.

Plants  absorb carbon dioxide and give you a clean atmosphere, and some plants can absorb odors in your toilet.  Some flowers also bring fragrance to make your restroom a lot more comfortable when using.

If you have a relatively small and stuffy bathroom, planting will make it easier to breathe. You can place a small plant pot right next to the mirror or on an over-the-toilet storage.

One problem that comes up when you think of planting a tree in a bathroom is that you worry the tree doesn’t have enough light to grow. This is absolutely true. However, there are many species of plants that are suitable for shade and high humidity, and it’s exactly for you.


At the end of the day, we have show you 7 tips that make your bathroom clean longer. These tips apply to every type of bathroom you have so remember them to make your bathroom look great.

If you have more excellent decorations in the bathroom, please feel free to put a comment right below,  and share the experience of keeping the bathroom clean together.