We love you.
You are part of Europe.
Please don´t leave us. Please don´t go.


We don´t think the EU is perfect. We know of its weaknesses. It needs reforms.

But it is an idea worth fighting for. Being together is better than being apart.

We believe that the EU, despite all its flaws, has helped our continent to become a more peaceful and more prosperous place.

We – EU citizens residing in the UK – enjoy the benefits that the EU has brought us. We love living here.

Our message is not about statistics, jobs or about the merits of EU rules on shower caps or cucumbers.

We just don´t want the UK to divorce us. We feel that we belong together.

Our message comes from our hearts. Stay with us, and help us make Europe – and the EU – a better place.

If you feel like us, please join our movement #hugabrit and tell the British people: please don’t go, UK!

London, Spring 2016


On the 23rd June 2016 the British people will be asked whether they want to continue to be part of the European Union.

Well over 2 million EU citizens from the continent are living in the UK. This campaign aims to make our European voices heard. We must show our British friends that Europe would not be the same without them.

There are many reasons for Britain not to leave. We have enjoyed generations of ever freer exchange of people, business and culture.

If the UK decided to leave the UK, Scotland with its pro-European government is likely to hold another independence referendum, and the country might be split apart.

For the whole continent, the consequences of “Brexit” might be grave as well: It could encourage more nationalism. In a world that is more global every day, we think this is the wrong path to take.

We are all facing the same challenges: Wars on our doorstep, a refugee crisis, terrorism. Climate change, globalisation: These challenges are not going away by breaking the EU apart. We have created the EU as a structure for cooperation, let´s tackle these problems together.

“Brussels” should be more transparent and less bureaucratic. But it has also helped all of us to live, travel and work easily across Europe. The EU protects consumer´s and worker´s rights, it makes it easier for police and security agencies to share information, it fosters relations between universities and businesses, it helps to protect our environment across borders.

We believe that the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union helps both sides. It has brought peace for generations after centuries of war. The EU has always been a work in progress. It needs reform – but it needs the ideas, experience and talent of the British people to make this happen.

Britain, we need you in Europe!