Everything You Need to Know About Hot Water Heater

One of the most important appliances in every household is a water heater. Apart from the fact that a water heater is used to boil water to make any type of meal, it is also used to prepare hot water for shower. There are many things behind the myth of a water heater. This is what this article has been written for. Likewise, it would look at how a tankless and tank water heater works and also how to install it. What Is A Water Heater? As its name implies, a water heater is a home … [Read more...]

More Hugs

Santiago for Stay Eric and I know for almost 10 years working together for a British company in Madrid. He is a colleague but also a very good friend. We are hugging for the UK to stay in the EU One day Claudia is an Italian living in Minnesota visiting the Lyon Observatory. Peter is a Brit postdoc there. Claudia will go back some day to Europe and she doesn't want to see Europe without England. Claudia & Peter You brought peace! We are a British - German couple. Robin … [Read more...]