Sleeping on the Floor: Good Or Bad for Your Health?

Sleeping on the Floor In the 21st century, it will be wrong to say that some people own a mattress, because virtually every home owns a mattress either it the best in town, the older model or perhaps the medium model that can be easily afforded by most people. The use of mattresses has become one of the materials we humans can't do without, most of us spent some hours every day on mattresses because it aids comfortable while sleeping. But the subject today is that, can there be any other way … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Mattresses For Herniated Disc Reviews [Updated 2020]

According to statistics, for every 5 Americans about four seems to be dealing with back pain. In fact, the studies show that one of the main reasons why people visit a nearest local physician is because of the intense pain felt. With herniated disc being one of the most painful experiences that should afflict anyone. This immeasurable discomfort is often as a result of slipped discs, which then radiate pain, especially in the lower back. However, here is a good news, treating the majority of … [Read more...]