Everything You Need to Know About Hot Water Heater

One of the most important appliances in every household is a water heater. Apart from the fact that a water heater is used to boil water to make any type of meal, it is also used to prepare hot water for shower.

There are many things behind the myth of a water heater. This is what this article has been written for. Likewise, it would look at how a tankless and tank water heater works and also how to install it.

What Is A Water Heater?

As its name implies, a water heater is a home appliance that is used both in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places where it is useful to boil water. There are two major types of water heater. The first is the traditional water heater, which is called a tank, and the other is the modern water heater, which is referred to as tankless.

All water heaters are built on these two types. Also, they have a different price tag and sizes. Even though there has always been a debate on which of these two products is the best, the reality is that the two are excellent and they both work efficiently.

How Does A Tank Water Heater Work?

When you are talking about a tank water heater, you are simply referring to a system that has been providing adequate boiled water for homes. This product is most time allude to as a traditional water heater. A tank water heater is the most expensive system for households with a large number of people.

Aside from the fact that it takes a large space for its installation, this system has a large storage capacity that ranges from about 20 to 80 gallons. This capacity can provide boiled water for a whole family simultaneously.

Another thing about a tank water heater is that it is not expensive when compared to a tankless system. You only need a little amount of money, and you can be sure of getting an effective and efficient water heater that would surely suit your taste.

Likewise, you would be finding any difficulty installing this water heater. Most of the time, this system always come with step-by-step instruction that would give details on how it can be installed.  This installation also does not take too much time or energy.

A tank water heater comes in different forms. You can either get an electric-powered, propane, or natural gas tankless water heater. However, a propane system is the most used and popular water heater of all.

Although a solar system is not usually found in most older tank systems, it is a new idea that comes with every new water heater. This solar system helps to heat your water even when it is not in use.

Similarly, every tank water heater always comes with a layer of insulation that allows it performs its two significant obligations, which are to heat the water and to store it until it is ready to be used.

By purchasing a hot water heater blanket, this would help to maintain a consistent temperature with lower cost on the energy.

With the cold-water intake of a tank water heater, the water is brought into the tank from a home’s plumbing system. After, the sensors in the tank decide when it is time to draw more water from the plumbing system so it can be heated.

Then the thermostat in the system checks the level of temperature of the water. If it has a low-temperature level, for instance, the thermostat will kick off an element that would increase the level of the temperature.

The last stage of this water heater is the storage. The water boiled inside the tank is then transferred to the hot pipes in the home with a discharge system. This system is also followed if hot water is needed to be extracted from the tank.


1. Not Expensive

One of the significant benefits you would enjoy by using a tank water heater is that it comes at a cheap price rate. Since its design and models are old; many manufacturers decide to sell this water heater at a less high price. Also, it is easy to get anywhere to want it.

2. Easy Installation

Another benefit that you would enjoy by using this water heater system is that you won’t experience any difficulties installing it. This product, most of the time, comes with step-by-step instructions. With it, you would be able to install this product with a short period and with less energy wastage.

3. Storage

Perhaps many users prefer to buy a tank water heater over the tankless one because of its storage system. With this system, they would be able to keep hot water safe for future consumption. Thereby eradicating the situation in which there is no hot water. This storage system makes this product an ideal one for a family with a large number of people.


1. Space

One of the major cons of a tank water heater is the space of its installation. This system tends to take up ample space in other to put it in use. With this, there might need to give up some appliances in either the kitchen or the bathroom in other to be able to install it.

2. Design

Most tank water design is old and not that attractive. Likewise, they have heavyweight and can be easily moved from a particular place to the other.

How Does A Tankless Water Heater Works?

This type of water heater is most time referred to as a “demand-type water heater.” It is a type of system that only provides hot water when it is needed. Unlike a tank system, this water heater can keep boiled water for future purpose.

Although it requires a large investment size before purchasing it, it is an eco-friendly system.  It has a compact size that makes it easy to move from one place to another. Also, it is more repairable when it gets faulty compared to a tank system.

However, this tankless water heater has complicated installation procedures that make it difficult for a person who is just purchasing it for the first time to install.

Like the tank system, this product also has different forms; it comes in an electric, and RV form. Best RV tankless water heater is an ideal one for people going on a hunting or camping. Also, the best electric tankless water heater is the best option for home use even though it comes at a pricey rate.

This system requires less support or monitoring when working. It has a hot water faucet in which when turned on, transfer the cold water from the home’s plumbing to the tankless water heater. This action turns on the element in the heater, which can be powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity.

At this stage, the cold water is converted to a hot one by the heating element that is present in the system. The system gives room for the supplying of hot water frequently and directly to the users.


1. Compact Design

This system is a modern machine that is built in an attractive design. Likewise, this design is also compact and can be easily moved from one place to another without any difficulties. This design makes this water heater an ideal one for people who are going for hunting or camping.

2. Repairable

When a tankless water heater gets faulty, it is easy to repair with less fund. Unlike, a tank water heater that might need to be abandoned for life, a tankless system only requires an expert to put it back into action.

3. Eco-Friendly

Another huge benefit that comes with the use of a tankless water heater is that it is a product that works in any environment perfectly. Apart from the fact that it does not make any noise while in usage, this system also uses less energy that helps to keep the extra cash.


1. Expensive

The price rate of this product most time discourages people from purchasing it. Because of its designs and models, this system comes at a pricey rate, thereby, making a little bit difficult for low-income earners and people on a budget to buy it.

2. Storage

Another major con that this product has is that it does not store water for future use. It only supplies you boiled water at the time you really need it. This might be too wrong, especially during emergency periods as it might require to start boiling water afresh.

3. Installation

The installation of a water heater varies from its type. If you are installing a tankless water heater, you will need to be an expert at it or order for this service of a plumber. This is because a tankless water heater has complicated installation procedures.

But if you are installing a tank water heater, you won’t experience many difficulties doing it. Most of the time, it comes with an instruction which is easy to read and understand. Likewise, it requires fewer expenses and time.