5 Most Rated Mattresses For Herniated Disc – Our Review Guide

According to statistics, for every 5 Americans about four seems to be dealing with back pain. In fact, the studies show that one of the main reasons why people visit a nearest local physician is because of the intense pain felt. With herniated disc being one of the most painful experiences that should afflict anyone. This immeasurable discomfort is often as a result of slipped discs, which then radiate pain, especially in the lower back.

However, here is a good news, treating the majority of symptoms relating to the herniated disc can be done without having to go through a spinal surgery. As a matter of fact, several lower back pain related to spinal disc rupture are mostly from our choice of lifestyle elements; such as your posture, quality of mattress, and down the line.

Therefore, one way to handle this intense pain may be to get one of the best mattresses for herniated discs. A good mattress will help assuage the pain, make you sleep better and get back to your optimal spinal health in no time.

Why is having a Great Mattress important if you’re dealing with Spinal Disc Herniation

No doubt, if one must enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle, a great mattress contributes much more than we know, regardless of your health status. However, for people dealing with spinal issues sleeping on a good mattress can make a wide range of difference.

The goal of an excellent bed is to help keep your spine in the right alignment. Having a mattress that is anything from great – firmer, softer or poor quality – may result in a back being out of its proper alignment. For this reason, why we have done adequate research and came up with the best mattresses. It provides you with a decent sleep at night and helps in your healing process.

A mattress made with quality materials will not provide with support, but help relieve pressure. Pressure relief is the ability of a mattress to cushion or cradle the denser part of the body, which makes you feel comfortable and leaves your spine in its natural position. It is natural to want to pick bed with a softer feel which may relieve pressure when you lie on it. However, it is bad you sink too deep into the bed’s surface —here is where support comes in.

Have a look at our top-tier pick of the best mattresses, which support and provide you with pressure relief.

Top Mattresses For Herniated Discs

Sadly, with the market flooded with good to excellent mattress latex, foam, and so on including the Japanese futon mattress, deciding the best product becomes challenging. Therefore, we have done the dirty works and compile a list of the best mattresses for herniated discs.

Perfect Cloud Atlas — Best on a budget


For those interested in getting a great mattress without breaking a bank, Perfect Cloud mattress may help what you are just looking for. Although it is not the cheapest bed available on the market, people with herniated disc cannot take a chance with a shift in the spinal alignment or pressure build up. This product is the least pricey cushion with the perfect sheer depth and comfort to assuage and help in realigning your spine.

What’s Good:

The bed comes with a relatively thick cushion at a reasonable price. The bed is a 10-inches which make it easily compatible with the back as well as side sleepers. The mattress is designed to have four different layers.

With the top 3” layer offering comfort like memory foam but helps in supporting your torso and facilitating your movement like latex. The middle layer is 3 inches and helps keep the product well ventilated and cool – perfect for side sleepers! While the last layer is responsible for keeping you all aligned.

What’s bad:

The mattress may be too soft for some users and not appropriate for heavy back sleepers. The product firmness may be ideal for everyone.

Dynasty Cool Breeze — Best Seller


The product, Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze, features a is medium firmness, and that offers comfort as anyone should expect. This product is often recommended to side sleepers dealing with herniated discs and individuals who prefer a more cushioned and deeper mattress. It is one of the luxurious mattresses to be reviewed here and offers a full 14 inches of cushion.

What is Good:

The mattress is thick and deluxe. Dynasty Mattress is among the thickest cushioned featured in this review and definitely, one of the deepest mattresses you can get. It features a cushion of 4 inches which more than enough to provide users with comfort and extra support. Most reviewers say the product give a Pampa ring and resort-like feel.

The top layer is 5” made of foams with the first 4” gel layer and 1” of high-density memory foam, that is a lot of cushions offered to ensure everyone is satisfied. Also, it has a dual 2 in the slabs of airflow beneath those comfort layers to support the foam, keep your spine aligned as well as providing ventilation.

What’s bad:

The mattress is very soft, which may heavier, back sleepers may find not quite want they want. It may not be able to meet up with your support requirement. Some customers stated on their reviews that the product is rather smelly and may take up to 24 hours to air out. The mattress may seem too deep resulting in heat and sleeps being sweaty.

Tuft & Needle —Best Quality


When it comes to top quality, Tuft & Needle is often recommended to all sleepers. The manufacturer is no new seller and reputable in the sleep industry with reliable, excellent mattress. The product is designed to help people struggling with spine and disc issues, which is why is firm to provide your spine with all necessary support and alignments. The product is a great mattress for slipped discs.

What is good:

The mattress is quite the firmest to be reviewed here. The Tuft & Needle’s firmness can be placed on somewhere between 6 – 9 on a scale of 20. This is an important factor to help for helping align the spin. The absolute ideal choice for heavy back sleepers needing extra support under their torso. Also, side sleepers can find the bed soft enough for a good night sleep. Most reviewers are glad about the comfort they experienced irrespective of the sleeping positions.

The bed contains a dual layers proprietary foams. It is not made from the traditional late bed or memory foam either. The upper 3 inches is made with a material to give comfort similar to latex and memory foam. Furthermore, it integrates charcoal and gel to help with heat distribution. The lower 7 inches have sturdy properties that make provide you with a right support to on top rather than sinking in and natural spinal alignment.

What is Bad:

The latest version appears to be a bit softer, with several mixed reviews. Some customers find it more comforting while others of a different opinion. Despite this, Tuft & Needle is one mattress you can be sure you pay for firmness on the market right now. It is said that the product tends to expand wonkily and some awful odor is experienced.

Layla – Great Pressure Relief


This product is designed for people having problems with the position to adopt to help curb the back pain. The dual-sided mattress seems to be a solution as it offers extra pressure relief on one side, which works perfectly for exclusive side sleepers and the flipside seems firmer for back sleepers.

What is Good:

Both side of the product, Layla, provides users with excellent relieve from pressure with a classic feel and lots of cooling features to help keep your body from getting sweaty. It features a cooling gel to help ensure comfort and support healthy sleep.

What is bad:

The product may not be ideal for heavier back sleepers. Its support is not as firm as other products discussed above.

Zenhaven – Zoned Latex


Zenhaven is known for creating affordable products. This product is made with natural latex with a dual-sided firmness and comfort. The use of latex for bedding is becoming popular as its resistant to allergens and helps maintain temperature.

What is Good:

Zoning a bed can help maintain your body resting position by offering extra firmness beneath that high concentration of body weight. Furthermore, it seems to keep the bed soft at areas where the need for relieving pressure is higher. Both sides are zoned easily by varying the gap between the hole for ventilation, and also, the size.

What is bad:

Some customers may not be comfortable with the material. The product offers the least comfort and firmness here in this review.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, the mattress can go along way in making you feel comfortable and help alleviate pain. However, patients dealing with delibating back pains should make use of other bedding like sit up pillows to ensure proper alignment of your spine at all times.

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